The Highs and Lows of Finishing the First Draft

A big red rollercoaster with a carriage of people about to descend

I’m not entirely sure where all this time has gone. I think it’s been sucked into a vortex of disturbed nights, madcap days and juggling three too many things at once. But… I finished the first draft of my screenplay! On June 15th to be exact. It was momentous. I’d had the initial idea over 10 YEARS AGO. It still makes me twitch to think about the time that’s passed, not to mention I’m getting to an age where I can speak in decades quite comfortably…. anyway, it felt great. What have I been doing since? Well, first I cut …

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Where I am

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Write from where you are. That was what I told a small writing group struggling with writer’s block some years ago. It was borrowed wisdom from Julia Cameron (the author of The Right to Write). It’s certainly true that when faced with a blank page, writers sometimes stall. Either, we suddenly don’t know what to say, or indeed there’s so much to say it’s hard to know where to begin. The remedy: write precisely about where you are: what are you sitting on? What can you see? How old are you now? What’s that like? Even overwhelmed by nothing or everything, …

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