Why Bother Pursuing Your Dream When the World’s Falling Apart?

Little toy people on a pebble beach hold aloft protest signs that say: "no war" and "arts" and "free river". Cute and peaceful.

I’m a little behind on the blog writing due to our now 18-month-old boys going through a perfect storm of double-dose teething and developmental leaps. Matt and I have endured many a night-waking these past few weeks. Such fun. However, I’m relieved to say we’ve made it through, four teeth apiece have sprouted in their little mouths and they seem to be making lots of (immensely cute) chitter-chatter progress with speech. So, with a full 7 hours sleep (it could’ve been 8 but I’ve just discovered Dexter on Netflix) I’m back and I want to address another challenge along the path …

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Why we don’t do what we dream

A snail crosses the void between two stones, body half adhering to one stone and then the other.

Anyone who’s known me long enough will tell you I’ve had a longing to write stories for some time, especially screenplays these last few years. It’s something I’ve always come back to even if life has taken me way off course. So why haven’t I done it? Self-doubt, confusion about how to approach it, prioritising work and salary-making jobs, house stuff, raising humans… Right now isn’t ideal either, but no other time is guaranteed, is it? In this moment I’m lucky enough to be alive, healthy and willing so it’s the best opportunity I have. It’s got me thinking about …

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