What to Do When the Blank Page Unhinges You

A film still of Gandalf the Grey from LOTR at the point where he faces off with a Balrog and shouts: You Shall Not Pass! We see his head and torso and two staffs that he's holding aloft.

After several years and a couple of false starts, I’ve finally broken the seal and started the screenplay. Egads! I’ve somehow slowly made my way through Act One over the last fortnight. It’s very rough but it exists. It’s there on the screen in black and white. Words. Characters talking. Action. The slow birth of a story. I’m even moving into Act Two (!) and having an easier time of it now I’ve started. But it was weirdly tough to begin. I was surprised to find myself paralysed in front of the blank screen. What a cliché. I have little …

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