Twin boys and mama

Hello and welcome.

Have you ever had a big dream?

Mine is to create stories.

I’ve loved them in all their forms since I was very small. Each time I finished a chapter or episode, I’d embark on a journey – albeit an internal one. It would involve folding into my imagination and inhabiting that world. Sometimes as the hero, the hero’s love interest or some fabulous new character of my own creation. I’d conjure up my own worlds too.

Part of this sprouted from the fact we didn’t have a lot of money growing up so I got used to using my increasingly vivid imagination for entertainment.

It didn’t occur to me that I could use that imagination to forge a career. No one in my family had ever done anything like that. Instead, I saw plenty of grown-ups working hard in jobs they didn’t enjoy for little reward, living for the weekends.

I vowed to find a career I loved.

One of those careers I’ve heard people supposedly leap out of bed for. I thought that would be pretty amazing (I rarely jump out of bed with glee).

The thing is, I’m 38 and I haven’t achieved that goal.

I’m a freelance writer and I usually write words for websites, brochures, sales pages and funding applications.

But I want to be a screenwriter.

I want to write stories that I get to see come alive. I want to use my imagination and get paid for it. Plus, I’d love to move an audience (or a reader) the way I’ve been moved by stories. I want to get emotions fired up. I want to elicit an ‘Oh shit!’, to make people cry, laugh and feel connected to humanity.

There’s a lot more to it, but that’ll do for now.

I’m in debt, extremely time-poor and rather tired. So there are a few obstacles. You might even say it’s possibly the worst time to do it. But the idea of waiting any longer has (finally) pushed me over the edge.

I really, really want to try. At least then I can say I gave it a good bash.

What gives me the audacity to pursue this dream?

Well, I wrote a pilot episode for a thriller TV programme and it was shortlisted in a BBC competition back in 2011. Ultimately, I didn’t win anything, except a modicum more confidence in my abilities. I was encouraged to keep writing, called a ‘writer worth noting’ – at first I wondered if they’d missed the ‘h’ but it turned out they thought I had some potential.

Since then I’ve taken a very meandering path. I quit my job to become a freelance writer, did OK at that then conceived twin boys which kind of took over everything. In December 2016 I decided to pick up the trail again…

In writing this blog, I aim to:

  • Explore what it takes to become a screenwriter
  • Hold myself publicly accountable – in the hope it motivates me when the going gets tough(er)
  • See if I can actually achieve what I dream of doing

Plus, it’s cheaper than therapy.

If you’d like to:

(a) learn how to write with no time, money or energy

(b) find out about how to become a screenwriter

or (c) watch me quite possibly lose my marbles in the attempt 

Then subscribe to/follow this blog.

I will (no doubt) continue to take a meandering path but I hope to provide insight, tips, musings, possibly a dose of entertainment, or at the very least some schadenfreude.

The person you’ll be following is a mother to one-year-old twin boys, living in a place called Bearwood just outside Birmingham (UK) with a wonderful partner of 11 years.

I promise to be real. After all, I don’t have the energy not to be.



P.S I love Instagram and share lots of writerly insight there – if you’re a fellow writer come and say hi!